Age-related Macular Degeneration

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is age-related macular degeneration?
  2. Are there different forms of AMD?
  3. What is wet AMD?
  4. What is dry AMD?
  5. What are the stages of dry AMD?
  6. What are drusen?
  7. Do drusen cause vision loss in advanced dry AMD?
  8. The dry form of AMD has early and intermediate stages. Does the wet form have similar stages?
  9. Can advanced AMD be either the dry form or the wet form?
  10. Can the dry form turn into the wet form?
  11. What are the symptoms of wet AMD?
  12. What are the symptoms of dry AMD?
  13. Who is at risk for AMD?
  14. How is AMD detected?
  15. How is dry AMD treated?
  16. What is the AREDS formulation?
  17. What is the dosage of the AREDS formulation?
  18. Who should take the AREDS formulation?
  19. Can people with early stage AMD take the AREDS formulation to help prevent the disease from progressing to the intermediate stage?
  20. How is wet AMD treated?
  21. What can I do if I already have lost some vision from AMD?
  22. What research is being done?
  23. What can I do to protect my vision?
  24. Can my lifestyle make a difference?
  25. Where can I get more information?

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