Exercise: How to Get Started

Safety First

Start Out Slowly

Most older adults, regardless of age or condition, will do just fine increasing their physical activity to a moderate level. However, if you haven't been active for a long time, it's important to start out at a low level of effort and work your way up slowly.

When to Check with Your Doctor

If you are at high risk for any chronic diseases such as heart disease or diabetes, or if you smoke or are obese, you should check first with your doctor before becoming more physically active.

Other reasons to check with your doctor before you exercise include

Check with your doctor if you have

Check with your doctor if you have

Check with your doctor if you have

If You’ve Had Hip Replacement

If you have had hip repair or replacement

Discuss Your Activity Level

Your activity level is an important topic to discuss with your doctor as part of your ongoing preventive health care. Talk about exercise at least once a year if your health is stable, and more often if your health is getting better or worse over time so that you can adjust your exercise program. Your doctor can help you choose activities that are best for you and reduce any risks.

Tips to Avoid Injury

When you exercise, it is important to do it safely. Follow these tips to avoid injury.

When to Stop Exercising

Stop exercising if you: