Kidney Disease

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What do the kidneys do?
  2. What is kidney disease?
  3. What causes kidney disease?
  4. What are the risk factors for kidney disease?
  5. What are the symptoms of kidney disease?
  6. How can I keep my kidneys healthy?
  7. How do doctors diagnose kidney disease?
  8. What does the blood test for kidney disease reveal?
  9. What does the urine test for kidney disease reveal?
  10. How is kidney disease treated?
  11. What changes in diet can help with kidney disease?
  12. What kinds of medicines are used for kidney disease?
  13. What is kidney failure?
  14. What is dialysis and how is it used to treat kidney failure?
  15. Is dialysis a cure for kidney failure?
  16. What special issues face older adults who have dialysis?
  17. What is involved in a kidney transplant?
  18. What research is taking place on kidney disease?

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