Knee Replacement

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What does knee replacement surgery involve?
  2. What are the most common reasons for knee replacement?
  3. Why might my doctor recommend a knee replacement?
  4. Which treatments should I try before having a knee replacement?
  5. Are there reasons I should not have a knee replacement?
  6. Are there different types of knee replacements?
  7. Which type of surgery and prosthesis will I have?
  8. How long does knee replacement surgery take?
  9. How long will I have to stay in the hospital?
  10. What are some examples of physical therapy exericses?
  11. When will I be able to walk again?
  12. What are the possible complications of knee replacement?
  13. What can I do to reduce my risk of complications?
  14. When should I call my doctor?
  15. What can I do to prepare myself for the surgery?
  16. Will I be able to stay alone when I get home from the hospital?
  17. What can I do to prepare my home for my return from the hospital?
  18. What can I do to reduce the risk of falling in my home?
  19. Where can I learn more about knee replacement?

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