Low Vision

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is low vision?
  2. What causes low vision?
  3. How many people have low vision?
  4. Who is at higher risk for low vision?
  5. Is losing vision just a part of getting older?
  6. How do I know if I have low vision?
  7. How does low vision affect people's lives?
  8. Are people with low vision more likely to have an accident or injury?
  9. Is there help for people with low vision?
  10. What should a person do if he or she has low vision?
  11. What do you do if your eye care professional says, "Nothing more can be done for your vision"?
  12. Are there special devices that can help me with daily activities?
  13. What are these devices?
  14. What agencies and organizations provide people who have low vision with help and information?
  15. How can a support group help?
  16. Why aren't these resources used more often?
  17. What should a person do if he or she knows someone with low vision?
  18. How much does a low vision evaluation cost?
  19. Is a low vision examination covered by health insurance, Medicaid, or Medicare?
  20. How can the public get a free booklet on low vision?

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