Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is osteoarthritis?
  2. How common is osteoarthritis in older adults?
  3. What joints are most often affected by osteoarthritis?
  4. How does osteoarthritis impact activities of daily living?
  5. What causes osteoarthritis?
  6. How can I reduce my chances of developing osteoarthritis?
  7. What are the warning signs of osteoarthritis?
  8. Who provides care for people with osteoarthritis?
  9. How is osteoarthritis diagnosed?
  10. Is there a cure for osteoarthritis?
  11. Can exercise help treat osteoarthritis?
  12. What treatments are available for temporary pain relief?
  13. What are some non-drug and alternative ways to relieve arthritis pain?
  14. What medications are used to treat osteoarthritis?
  15. How can assistive devices help people with osteoarthritis?
  16. How is surgery used to treat osteoarthritis?
  17. What does joint replacement involve?

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