Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is osteoporosis?
  2. Why is osteoporosis called "the silent disease"?
  3. How many people have osteoporosis?
  4. Why are women at greater risk for osteoporosis than men?
  5. What other factors can increase one's chances of developing osteoporosis?
  6. Can taking certain medications increase my chances of developing osteoporosis?
  7. How much calcium and vitamin D do I need each day for bone health?
  8. How can I be sure I get enough calcium and vitamin D in my diet?
  9. Can I get all the vitamin D I need from sunshine?
  10. Which exercises are best for bone health?
  11. If I have osteoporosis or low bone mass, what are some tips for safe exercising?
  12. Does osteoporosis have any warning signs?
  13. How is osteoporosis diagnosed?
  14. Are there different types of bone density tests?
  15. Who should get a bone density test?
  16. Is there a cure for osteoporosis?
  17. What type of doctor specializes in osteoporosis?
  18. What treatments are available for osteoporosis?

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