Gum (Periodontal) Disease

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is gum (periodontal) disease?
  2. What causes gum disease?
  3. What is gingivitis?
  4. What is periodontitis?
  5. Is gum disease a normal part of aging?
  6. What happens if gum disease is not treated?
  7. Can gum disease cause problems beyond the mouth?
  8. What are the risk factors for gum disease?
  9. Are there ways to prevent gum disease?
  10. If I have trouble cleaning my teeth and gums because of arthritis or a physical disability, what can I do?
  11. What are the symptoms of gum disease?
  12. How is gum disease diagnosed?
  13. What are possible treatments for gum disease?
  14. What is deep cleaning treatment?
  15. Are medications used to treat gum disease?
  16. When is surgery used to treat gum disease?

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