Alcohol Use and Older Adults

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is alcohol?
  2. Why are older people more sensitive to alcohol's effects than younger people?
  3. I've heard that drinking can make some health problems worse. Is that true?
  4. Is drinking alcohol and taking medicine bad for you?
  5. Sometimes I get a headache after drinking. Is it OK to take a painkiller?
  6. What parts of the body does drinking affect most?
  7. Is drinking good or bad for your heart?
  8. Does alcohol affect men and women differently?
  9. What safety problems can result from drinking alcohol?
  10. What effect can drinking have on driving?
  11. What effect can drinking have on my relationships?
  12. What is blood alcohol concentration (BAC)?
  13. How much can older adults safely drink?
  14. How much is one alcoholic drink?
  15. What are signs of a drinking problem?
  16. Why would someone start drinking late in life?
  17. What is alcohol use disorder (AUD)?
  18. If one of my parents had an alcohol use disorder, does that mean I will, too?
  19. What's the best treatment for someone with alcohol problems?
  20. What medicines are available to treat people with alcohol use disorder?
  21. What types of behavioral treatments are available for people with alcohol use disorder?
  22. What can I do to cut back on my drinking?
  23. What kind of support groups are available to help me if I have a drinking problem?
  24. What types of facilities treat alcohol use disorder?
  25. Does treatment for alcohol use disorder work?
  26. Are relapses common?
  27. Is treatment as effective for older adults as it is for younger adults?
  28. How do I find help for a drinking problem?

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