Alzheimer's Caregiving

Frequently Asked Questions

15. If the person with Alzheimer’s wanders, what can a caregiver do?

Some people with Alzheimer's may wander away from their home or caregiver. Knowing how to limit wandering can prevent a person from becoming lost or hurt.

  • Make sure the person carries some kind of identification or wears a medical bracelet. If he or she gets lost and cannot communicate clearly, an ID will alert others to his or her identity and medical condition.
  • Consider enrolling the person in the Alzheimer's Association’s Safe Return program. This program helps find people with Alzheimer's disease who wander off or get lost. Call 1-888-572-8566 for more information.
  • Let neighbors know that the person with Alzheimer’s tends to wander.
  • Keep a recent photograph or video of the person to assist police if the person becomes lost.
  • Keep doors locked. Consider a keyed deadbolt, or add another lock placed up high or down low on the door. If the person can open a lock, you may need to get a new latch or lock.
  • Install an "announcing system" that chimes when the door opens.