Alzheimer's Caregiving

Frequently Asked Questions

3. How is Alzheimer’s disease treated?

Currently, no medication can cure Alzheimer’s disease, but four medicines are approved to treat the symptoms of the disease.

  • Aricept® (donezepil)—for all stages of Alzheimer’s
  • Exelon® (rivastigmine)—for mild to moderate Alzheimer’s
  • Razadyne® (galantamine)--for mild to moderate Alzheimer’s
  • Namenda® (memantine)—for moderate to severe Alzheimer’s
  • Namzarec® (memantine and donepezil)—for moderate to severe Alzheimer’s

These medications can help slow down memory loss and allow people with Alzheimer’s to be more comfortable and independent for a longer time.

If appropriate, the person’s doctor may prescribe a medicine to treat behavior problems such as anxiety, depression, and aggression. Medicines to treat these behavior problems should be used only after other strategies have been tried. Talk with the doctor about which medicines are safest and most effective.