Alzheimer's Caregiving

Frequently Asked Questions

9. How can you help a person with Alzheimer’s stay physically active?

Being active and getting exercise helps people with Alzheimer’s disease feel better. Exercise helps keep their muscles, joints, and heart in good shape. It also helps people stay at a healthy weight and have regular toilet and sleep habits. You can exercise together to make it more fun.

Here are some tips for helping the person with Alzheimer’s stay active.

  • Take a walk together each day. Exercise is good for caregivers, too!
  • Make sure the person with Alzheimer’s has an ID bracelet with your phone number, if he or she walks alone.
  • Check your local TV guide to see if there is a program to help older adults exercise.
  • Add music to the exercises, if it helps the person with Alzheimer’s. Dance to the music if possible.
  • Watch exercise videos/DVDs made for older people. Try exercising together.
  • Make sure he or she wears comfortable clothes and shoes that fit well and are made for exercise.
  • Make sure the person drinks water or juice after exercise.
  • View, print, or download the booklet “Workout to Go” from the National Institute on Aging. To order a copy, call the Information Center at 1-800-222-2225. You may also wish to visit Go4Life®, the exercise and physical activity campaign for older adults from the National Institute on Aging.