Balance Problems

Frequently Asked Questions

13. How can I best talk to my doctor about a balance problem?

You can help your doctor make a diagnosis by writing down key information about your dizziness or balance problem beforehand and giving the information to your doctor during the visit.

Write down answers to these questions for your doctor:

  • How would you describe your dizziness or balance problem?
  • If the room is spinning around you, which ways does it appear to turn?
  • How often do you have dizziness or balance problems?
  • Have you ever fallen?
  • If so, when did you fall, where did you fall, and how often have you fallen? Tell your doctor as much as you can.
  • What medications do you take? Remember to include all over-the-counter medicines, including aspirin, antihistamines, or sleep aids.
  • What is the name of the medication?
  • How much medication do you take each day?
  • What times of the day do you take the medication?
  • What is the health condition for which you take the medication?

See a video on describing symptoms and health concerns during a doctor visit.