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Transcript: "One Man's Experience with Cataract Surgery"

Announcer: When Chesterfield began to have trouble driving at night, he went to his eye doctor who tested him for glaucoma and examined his eyes. He recommended cataract surgery for Chesterfield's right eye.

Chesterfield: And it was an amazing experience. Frightening? I thought it would be very, very much more frightening than it was. And it worked out beautiful. I followed the doctor's instructions. I went to his office the next day and he prescribed medications and everything he prescribed was accepted by me.

Announcer: You may need a family member or a friend to help you decide whether or not to have eye surgery and you might need a second opinion to help weigh the risks and benefits.

Chesterfield (after missing pool shot): You can't make them all. And, you know, years and years ago people wouldn't dare talk about doing anything for the eye and -- but today? My gosh.

Announcer: Chesterfield's cataract surgery has helped him to be active at his senior center and he goes once a week to tutor first graders at a school across the street.

Chesterfield: I wouldn't be As active as I am now if I hadn't had that cataract operation.

Announcer: If your eye doctor says nothing more can be done for your eyes, ask to be referred for vision rehabilitation.

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