Frequently Asked Questions

20. How do I find a support group for depression?

You can find a support group through many professional, consumer, advocacy, and service-related organizations. The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) maintains a list of NIMH Outreach Partners. Some of these partners sponsor support groups for different mental disorders including depression.

You can also find online support groups, but you need to be careful about which groups you join. Check and make sure the group is affiliated with a reputable health organization, moderated professionally, and maintains your anonymity.

If unsure where to start, talk to someone you trust who has experience in mental health—for example, a doctor, nurse, social worker, or religious counselor. Some health insurance providers may also have listings of hospitals offering support groups for depression.

Joining a support group does not replace your doctor or your treatment prescribed by your doctor. If a support group member makes a suggestion that you are interested in trying, talk to your doctor first. Do not assume what worked for the other person will work for you.