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Transcript: "Swimming Helps Me Control My Blood Pressure"

Dr. James Battey: At around age 39 I developed high blood pressure and I was told by my physician that one of the things I could do to help control my blood pressure was to exercise regularly.

And so I went from being a somewhat more sporadic exerciser to a die-hard, committed daily exerciser at about that time and have not changed since then.

Exercise is a priority for me. I do it first thing in the morning and I swim for about an hour. During that time I actually plan my entire day. By the time I get into the office at around eight o'clock, I feel completely awake, have my day planned and feel ready to go. So it gives me confidence.

I do the four major strokes. I do the butterfly, I do the backstroke, I do the freestyle and I do the breast stroke. But mostly I do freestyle for the majority of the distance.

Swimming helps me control my weight. It allows me to eat more and not gain weight. It gives me more strength in my upper body. It gives me increased flexibility and it provides exercise for essentially all the major muscle groups in the human body. So I get a full-body workout with one activity.

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