Falls and Older Adults

Frequently Asked Questions

31. Should I tell my doctor if I fall?

Yes. Be sure to tell your doctor if you fall or almost fall, even if you aren't hurt. The fall might be a sign of an underlying problem that can be treated or corrected.

Write down when, where, and how you fell so you can discuss the details with your doctor. The doctor can assess whether a medical issue, such as low blood pressure, or another cause of the fall should be addressed.

Knowing the cause of a fall can help you and your doctor find ways to prevent future falls. For instance, your doctor might suggest changing your medication doses or eyewear prescription.

After a fall, your doctor might refer you to other health care providers who can help prevent future falls. A physical therapist can help with gait, balance, strength training, and walking aids. An occupational therapist can suggest changes in your home that may lower your risk of falls.