Healthy Eyes

Visiting Your Eye Care Professional

Find an Eye Care Professional

Now that you know about the importance of having a comprehensive dilated eye exam, the next step is to get in contact with an eye care professional. If you don’t already have one, there are several steps you can take.

  • Ask family members and friends about eye care professionals they use.
  • Ask your family doctor for the name of a local eye care professional.
  • Contact a state or county association of ophthalmologists or optometrists. These groups, usually called academies or societies, may have lists of eye care professionals with specific information on specialty and experience.
  • Contact your insurance company or health plan to learn whether it has a list of eye care professionals that are covered under your plan.

Prepare for Your Eye Care Visit

Today, patients take an active role in their health care. You and your eye care professional will work together to keep your eyes healthy. An important part of this relationship is good communication. To get the best out of your visit with your eye care professional, ask questions and continue to do so until you understand. It is also helpful to write down the questions before your visit, and write down what your eye care professional says.

Also, think about specific ways your vision has changed or specific times when you are aware of visual problems. For example, you may be more bothered by oncoming traffic lights when you are driving at night, or you may have trouble perceiving the depth of stairs or curbs. Sharing this information can help alert your eye care professional to any conditions you may have.

What To Bring To Your Visit

There are things you can bring to your visit that will help you to be more prepared. Remember to take along

  • a notebook and pen to write down the responses to your questions
  • a family member or friend to take notes or for support
  • glasses or contacts, if you use them
  • an interpreter, if you need of one
  • any medications that you are currently taking.