Hip Replacement

Frequently Asked Questions

15. What can I do to prepare my home for my return from the hospital?

One of the most important parts of preparing for hip replacement is preparing for the return home.

In the days and weeks before you leave for the hospital, stock up on needed items. Make sure you have plenty of nonperishable foods on hand. Prepare meals and freeze them to put in the microwave when you need an easy meal.

Place items you use every day at arm’s level to avoid reaching up or bending down. Ask your doctor or physical therapist about devices and tips that may make daily activities easier once you get home.

These may include

  • long-handled reachers to retrieve items placed high shelves or dropped on the floor
  • aprons with pockets that allow you to carry items while leaving your hands free for crutches
  • shower benches that let you sit while you shower
  • dressing sticks to help you get dressed without bending your new hip excessively.

Also, look for and correct any hazards that could cause you to fall and damage your new hip, such as cluttered floors, loose electrical cords, unsecured rugs, and dark hallways.

Bathrooms are likely places to fall, so particular attention is needed there. A raised toilet seat can make it easier to get up and down. Grab bars in the tub can keep you steady. Textured shapes on the shower floor can minimize slipping.