Kidney Disease

Frequently Asked Questions

17. Do I have to change what I drink if I have kidney disease?

Having kidney disease means you may need to change what you drink.

  • Water. Most people don't benefit from drinking water when they are not thirsty unless they have kidney stones. Drink as much water as you normally do.
  • Soda and other drinks. If you are told to limit phosphorus, choose light-colored soda (or pop), like lemon-lime, and homemade iced tea and lemonade. Dark-colored sodas, fruit punch, and some bottled and canned iced teas can have added phosphorus.
  • Juice. If you are told to limit potassium, drink apple, grape, or cranberry juice instead of orange juice.
  • Alcohol. You may be able to drink small amounts of alcohol. Drinking too much can damage the liver, heart, and brain and cause serious health problems. Talk to your health care provider first.

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