Knee Replacement

Frequently Asked Questions

18. What can I do to prepare my home for my return from the hospital?

To prepare your home for your recovery, stock up on needed items before you leave for the hospital. Make sure you have plenty of nonperishable foods on hand. Prepare meals and freeze them to put in the microwave when you need an easy meal.

In the first weeks after surgery, you should avoid going up and down stairs. If your bedroom is on the second floor of your home, consider moving to a downstairs bedroom temporarily or sleeping on the sofa.

Set up a “recovery station” at home. Place a sturdy chair where you plan to spend most of your time sitting during the first weeks after surgery. The chair should be 18 to 20 inches high and should have two arms and a firm seat and back. Place a foot stool in front of the chair so you can elevate your legs, and place items you will need —such as the television remote control, telephone, medicine, and tissues— where you can reach them easily from the chair.

Place items you use every day at arm’s level to avoid reaching up or bending down. Ask your doctor or physical therapist about devices and tips that may make daily activities easier once you get home.