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Transcript: "Keep a Copy of Your Treatment Summary and Care Plan"

The new message for individuals who are treated for cancer is that when they finish therapy, it's very important for them to have two documents.

The first is a treatment summary. This is details about the kind of cancer they had, the tumor type, the stage, etc., as well as all of the treatments they received and who provided them.

This then can guide the second document, which is a care plan after cancer. The type of treatment you received tells us what kind of follow-up will be necessary, how often you need to see a provider to look for signs that the disease might be coming back or to prevent another kind of complication of the disease from occurring going forward.

The care plan also looks at what are the problems that somebody still has after treatment ends--perhaps fatigue or pain or emotional problems that need to be addressed--and what to look for as a possible complication of cancer and its treatment into the future.

This document is so helpful to have because many of us see multiple providers for our health and well-being, and those individuals need to be informed about what your cancer experience was like and how that will affect your health and behavior and care going forward.

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