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Transcript: "Adult Day Care"

[Narrator] Living independently at home is something many older adults would like to do as long as they can. Senior centers, adult day care, transportation, and meals programs are Long-term care services available in the community which make it easier for older adults to remain in their homes. Adult day care programs provide health, social, and other services for adults with mental and physical impairments.

[Instructor] All that matters is that you keep your feet pressing into the floor, your mouth soft and your breath moving.

[Linda Velgouse] Individuals usually go to adult day care when that can’t stay on their own at home. They need some supervision. Many people with conditions like Alzheimer’s may need to use an adult day, particularly if they have a family caregiver and that family caregiver is a working family caregiver.

[Narrator] Staff at adult day care programs try to develop an understanding of each participant’s health needs and gear services accordingly.

[Alexander Idea] We do our assessments on the participants, look at whatever diagnosis they have. With that, we kind of look at whatever activities they’re required, the diet that they need, even medications that need to be administered when they are here at the center. We can even go as far as providing certain skilled services, like wound dressing, or checking blood glucose monitors.

[Narrator] The social side of adult day care is managed by a recreational therapist who organizes activities for the participants.

[Deborah O’Bryant Taylor] Well hopefully we have a little bit that’ll cater to everyone’s interest. We have music, we have balloon volley ball, some active games, solitary games, some quiet card games.

[Game leader] Now wherever that ball drops, the opposite team gets the first serve. Got it?

[Deborah O’Bryant Taylor] Our volleyball program is designed to help them with gross motor skills, breathing, also gets their whole body moving and helps them feel good about themselves. And it gives them a team spirit, a camaraderie with their friends. It also adds to good sportsmanship.

[Video of Music Program]

[Deborah O’Bryant Taylor] Music is an all-time favorite for all of our folks, whether they be low functioning or high functioning. We have a wonderful music therapist. She comes out quite a bit through the month and she puts together a wonderful program with music and movement. She will sing songs and sometimes they’re the old favorites and sometimes there’s some newer stuff, and she gets everybody moving and grooving.

[Narrator] Adult day care programs also provide meals and snacks during the day. Many also provide transportation to and from their programs.

[Adult Day Care Participant] We play games. We sing songs. It gets me out of the house instead of watching the stupid TV all day.

[Alexander Idea] For family members, that’s peace of mind that we provide, that they come to a certain program like adult day health care and they know that their loved ones are going to be cared for.

[Narrator] To find out more about adult day care and other long-term care services available in your community, contact the Eldercare Locator at 1-800-677-1116. Or go to You can also contact your local area agency on aging.

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