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Transcript: "Senior Centers"

[Narrator] Living independently at home is something many older adults would like to do as long as they can. Senior centers, adult day care, transportation, and meals programs are long-term care services available in the community which make it easier for older adults to remain in their homes. Senior centers are places where older adults who live independently can go to find a variety of social and recreational activities.

[Karen Albers] We provide a wide variety of activities -- physical, health, mental health programs with Senior Plus, cognitive programs, a wide variety of general activities, billiards, Bingo, lots of games.

[Narrator] Many senior centers also offer exercise programs.

[Karen Albers] We offer aerobics, tai chi, tap dancing, ballroom dancing, square dancing, chair exercise, arthritis classes, yoga, and lots of dancing.

[Narrator] These centers can provide entree to new activities and expand a person’s social contacts.

[Karen Albers] Participants’ needs are fulfilled by receiving socialization, interaction with other participants, and mostly we hear it’s meeting all their interests and introducing them to new things; whether it’s an arts and crafts project, ballroom dancing, taking a new class, just offering them something different that they might not participate in usually.

[Narrator] Opportunities for friendship and companionship attract many people to senior centers.

[Karen Albers] People make friends and really have true friends, true friendships. It really is invaluable to join the center, just someone to pal around with or a group of people that you enjoy being with and many people say it’s their home away from home or they have someone who is just like a sister and they enjoy being here and some people say some it keeps them going.

[Narrator] To find out more about senior centers and other long-term care services available in your community, contact the Eldercare Locator at 1-800-677-1116. Or go to You can also contact your local area agency on aging.

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