Long-Term Care

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is long-term care?
  2. What types of services does long-term care provide?
  3. Why do people need long-term care?
  4. What is the most common type of long-term care?
  5. How long does long-term care last?
  6. How common is the need for long-term care among older people?
  7. How can I tell if I will need long-term care?
  8. Who provides long-term care in the home?
  9. What kind of help can I get while I recover from surgery at home?
  10. How do emergency response systems work?
  11. I don't drive anymore. How can I get to doctors' appointments and the grocery store?
  12. My mother has a disability and I care for her in my home, but I'm about to start a new job. Who will take care of her now?
  13. My father's Parkinson's disease is getting worse, and he can no longer live at home. What kind of facility is right for him?
  14. Is long-term care expensive?
  15. What does "out of pocket" mean?
  16. What kinds of options are available to pay for long-term care?
  17. My wife needs part-time help at home. Will Medicare pay for that?
  18. Doesn't Medicare cover most long-term care costs?
  19. What long-term care costs does Medicaid cover?
  20. I'm perfectly healthy. Why should I think about long-term care?
  21. If I plan to stay in my own home, what support services will I need as I get older?
  22. Is long-term care insurance a good option for me? I've heard it's expensive.
  23. What if something happens to me and I can't talk with a health care provider to make my wishes known?
  24. Who can help me create the documents I need for long-term care planning?
  25. Are there professionals who can help me find the right kind of long-term care?
  26. Where can I find more information about long-term care?

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