Low Vision

Signs of Low Vision

There are many signs that can signal vision loss. For example, even with your regular glasses, do you have difficulty

  • recognizing faces of friends and relatives?
  • doing things that require you to see well up close, such as reading, cooking, sewing, fixing things around the house, or picking out and matching the color of your clothes?
  • doing things at work or home because lights seem dimmer than they used to?
  • reading street and bus signs or the names of stores?

Early Diagnosis Is Important

Vision changes like these could be early warning signs of eye disease. People over age 60 should have an eye exam through dilated pupils at least once a year. Usually, the earlier your problem is diagnosed, the better your chances of undergoing successful treatment and keeping your remaining vision.

Regular dilated eye exams should be part of your routine health care. However, if you think your vision has recently changed, you should see your eye care professional as soon as possible.