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Transcript: "Coping with Everyday Activities"

Heather: What I liked about going to the Vision Rehabilitation Center was that there were so many choices -- Which can you see with better, which is better for you? There was -- everything was a possibility.

Doctor: Okay, let's put your reading glasses on. I want to see how you're doing with them today.

Announcer: After Heather's vision is tested by an optometrist, or ophthalmologist, who specializes in low vision care, magnifying lenses can be prescribed.

Heather: I have two sets of glasses. I have one for the really small print and the other one is for larger print which I can hold a further distance away. It's always a distance that I feel okay with.

Announcer: A lens with the same magnification as Heather's reading glasses can be mounted as a stand magnifier.

Heather: The stand magnifier I have used at home for the telephone book, and that's really good.

Doctor: Okay, it's a little ring telescope.

Heather: Okay.

Doctor: You use it the same way -- you have to focus it.

Announcer: While different magnifiers enlarge things that are close by, telescopes are used to see things that are farther away.

Heather: The telescope that I look at brought things really close. Oh, wow, I'd like to try a -- blackboard or something. I don't know whether the background -- This just brings it right up there. And I noticed something here today in the library. I've always had trouble reading the titles of the books on the top shelf, so even if my vision were 20/20, because I'm not that tall, I can now read the titles of books that I wouldn't have been able to otherwise.

Announcer: Besides visiting an eye doctor who specializes in low vision, you should continue to go for routine eye checkups, to make sure that you don't have eye diseases like glaucoma.

Heather: I go to the eye doctor regularly around the time of my birthday every year, so I don't forget.

Announcer: With her new reading glasses, Heather has been able to go back to school and continue working.

Heather: It has made me very grateful for my vision. Actually, with the devices that they have, I'm hard put to think of anything that I really want to do that I can't do.

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