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Transcript: "Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B"

Announcer: The Newman family is sitting around the family computer. They are the father, Dan, 65 years old, his wife Jean, their son Mark, and daughter-in-law, Beth. Dan recently became entitled to Medicare. He and his family are discussing the Medicare program and some resources on the Medicare website at to help Dan understand his Medicare options.

Dan: My Medicare card shows that I have Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B. What does each part stand for, and what does each cover? Can you look that up?

Beth: Sure, and actually all that information is in your Welcome to Medicare booklet that came in your packet. Medicare Part A is hospital insurance and Medicare Part B is medical insurance.

Announcer: Medicare Part A, hospital insurance, helps pay for: hospital inpatient care, skilled nursing facility (SNF) care, not custodial or long term care, some home health care, hospice care, blood. Medicare Part B helps pay for: doctors' services, outpatient medical and surgical services and supplies, diagnostic tests, outpatient therapy, outpatient mental health services, some preventive health care services, other medical services.

Jean: Can you see what preventive services Medicare helps pay for?

Announcer: Talk to your doctor about which preventive services you need and to see if you meet the criteria for coverage.

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