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Transcript: "Medicare Part D: Prescription Drug Coverage"

The Newman family is sitting around the family computer. They are the father, Dan, 65 years old, his wife Jean, their son Mark, and daughter-in-law, Beth. Dan recently became entitled to Medicare. He and his family are discussing the Medicare program and some resources on the Medicare website at to help Dan understand his Medicare options.

Dan: What is this Part D? And, and can I get Part D to help pay for my prescriptions?

Beth: Yeah, um, Medicare prescription drug coverage is available to everyone with Medicare. Now the prescription drug plan finder lets you find the plan that is right for you. It helps you compare prescription drug plans to find the one that meets your needs and it even offers brand name and generic drugs.

Dan: Great. I know using generic drugs saves me money. How does it work?

Beth: Oh, it's really simple. Medicare prescription drug plans provide insurance coverage for prescription drugs. Like other insurance, if you join you'll pay a monthly premium that varies by plan and a share of the cost of your prescription drugs. I mean, Dad, like everything else, the cost and the coverage are going to vary depending on the plan you choose.

Mark: Show Mom and Dad that amazing online tool to help people with Medicare choose a prescription plan under Part D. What's the name again?

Beth: You mean the Medicare prescription drug plan finder.

Announcer: Use the drug plan finder to compare plans and consider: costs -- the monthly premium, deductible and share of the cost you pay for your prescriptions; list of covered drugs or formulary can vary by plan; convenience -- drug plans work with some but not necessarily all pharmacies in every area. Some plans may have a list of preferred pharmacies and also have a mail order option. Customer service -- the drug plan finder allows you to compare each plan's performance and telephone customer service,complaints, sharing information with pharmacists, and drug pricing.

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