Older Drivers

Frequently Asked Questions

15. What safety features should my car have?

Check to see if your car car has these safety features.

  • front and side airbags to protect car occupants in a crash
  • properly adjusted head restraint systems to protect against neck injuries
  • electronic stability control for crash avoidance
  • power steering
  • adjustable seats, which help shorter drivers sit high enough to see the road well
  • bigger, brighter displays on the dashboard
  • large, glare–proof mirrors, or light-sensitive mirrors that darken automatically to reduce headlight glare
  • wide-angle rear–view mirrors and convex side mirrors — these may help drivers with neck problems, but they distort distances and take getting used to
  • a steering wheel that tilts up or down and moves closer to or farther from the driver’s chest — this helps drivers sit safely and comfortably no more than 10 inches from the steering wheel.

For more information about vehicle safety and recalls, see www.safercar.gov.