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Transcript: "Preventing P.A.D."

Narrator: Don't wait until you get P.A.D. to change your life. Start now and you may help prevent it. Quit smoking. If you're having trouble, talk to your health care provider about a smoking cessation plan. Make sure you know your blood pressure, cholesterol, and glucose levels and if they're high, work with your doctor to lower them. Follow a heart healthy eating plan and aim for a healthy weight. Finally, try for 30 minutes of physical activity a day, every day.

Rita: I don't care if it's in a mall, if you walk up and down thirty minutes, if you walk in your neighborhood, if you walk with your dog, you walk on a treadmill, you walk around your house for thirty minutes. You have to do it because your leg will stop circulating, the blood will stop.

Andrew: If you exercise you get so that it becomes a habit, you become, you will say, addicted to it and if you don't do it then you feel that there is something out of your day that you missed.

Mike: With diet changes and regular exercise, it helps your heart, helps your circulation and just, I feel fantastic now.

Narrator: The earlier you take steps, the more likely you'll stay in circulation. Enjoy the things you like to do, decrease your risk for heart attack and stroke, and maybe even save your life.

Mike: Staying in circulation is not only a health issue, it's a whole way of life.

Andrew: Stay in circulation.

Rita: Stay in circulation.

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