Prostate Cancer

Planning Treatment

If tests show that you have cancer, you should talk with your doctor in order to make treatment decisions.

Working With a Team of Specialists

A team of specialists often treats people with cancer. The team will keep the primary doctor informed about the patient's progress. The team may include a medical oncologist who is a specialist in cancer treatment, a surgeon, a radiation oncologist who is a specialist in radiation therapy, and others.

Before starting treatment, you may want another doctor to review the diagnosis and treatment plan. Some insurance companies require a second opinion. Others may pay for a second opinion if you request it.

Clinical Trials for Prostate Cancer

Some prostate cancer patients take part in studies of new treatments. These studies -- called clinical trials -- are designed to find out whether a new treatment is safe and effective.

Often, clinical trials compare a new treatment with a standard one so that doctors can learn which is more effective. Men with prostate cancer who are interested in taking part in a clinical trial should talk with their doctor.

For information on cancer clinical trials and to find current trials, visit Clinical Trials Information for Patients and Caregivers or