An Exercise Story

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Name: Ramesh
Age: 65
Location: California
Activity: Tennis

I started playing tennis 38 years ago for pleasure; I still play. I moved to northern California 20 years ago from the cold and snow of the Midwest. I was lucky to find a house with a full-size tennis court in the backyard, which was a dream come true. For these 20 years, I have been playing tennis with friends every Saturday and Sunday. We play singles and doubles for two to three hours. After tennis, we socialize over refreshments. That is the best part of our get-together. The only time I do not play is if it is raining or I am out of town. If nobody shows up, I practice out on the court. I am the oldest in the group; the youngest is 16. I love the game and hope to play forever. Also, I love coaching, even though I do not have all the strokes. If I can play, I will coach the beginners.

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Last reviewed: June 2005