An Exercise Story

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Name: Dennis
Age: 74
Location: Florida
Activity: Biking, Yoga

After a physically active life climbing mountains, distance walking, hiking and camping, many 10K races, and bicycling to work, and recreation in Oregon, I became handicapped with Peripheral Neuropathy. I had pain and numbness in my feet and lower limbs, and disequilibrium or vertigo. Balance is a problem and I have fallen often. But balance, strangely, is not a problem on a bicycle, as long as I’m moving. So I try to ride with a bike club and around the neighborhood about 30 miles a week. After I retire, this will double, God willing. We have three wonderful dogs that get me going every morning: an Australian Shepherd, a Pembroke Corgi and a Shih tzu.

I encourage seniors to get back up on a bike and enjoy scenery and fresh air, and the easy breathing and muscle building that occurs without the banging on the knees from running or walking. If you can help it, get a good bike with a comfortable seat light, a heart recorder, a mileage indicator. Then, who needs a doctor? Happy riding.

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Last reviewed: January 2009