An Exercise Story

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Name: Mary
Age: 67
Location: Georgia
Activity: Walking, Aerobics, Gardening, Farming

I have always been very active playing football, hunting, boxing, weight lifting. As I got older, I got away from working out due to an office job and husband. I started having back problems, lumbar discs herniated, surgery, almost lost ability to function with two young children at 35 to 40 years old. Had several bouts with physical therapists. Almost became an invalid twice, but my determination to keep going won out. Farming at age 50, raising emu, ostrich and rhea, I needed something to keep my back working. My county started an aerobics class, took on pilates, a little yoga, heavy workout schedule. Today I am in great shape at age 67. Doctors are amazed at my body condition. I have four grandchildren, ages 3 years to 10 months, and can play all day after working out and working with company and garden.

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Last reviewed: December 2004