An Exercise Story

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Name: Greta
Age: 67
Location: Idaho
Activity: Aerobics, Weight Lifting, Yoga

At the age of 67, I am in the best all-around physical condition of my life. Two years ago, I began a three times per week, hour-long exercise routine that includes aerobic dancing, weight lifting, stretching, and yoga. The entire routine is done to music, planned and demonstrated by an instructor. I have noted an increase in energy and core body strength. My arms and legs are toned and stronger. My balance has improved greatly. I lost inches from my midsection and hips while only losing a moderate amount of weight. My osteoporosis has remained stable. A surprise benefit for me has been an improvement in concentration and memory. Two years ago, I had difficulty learning the dance routines. Now, I catch on quickly and delight in my ability to do so! The improvement in memory carries over into all aspects of my life.

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Last reviewed: August 2005