An Exercise Story

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Name: William
Age: 86
Location: Massachusetts
Activity: Walking, Running, Water Aerobics

A World War II veteran, I maintain an active lifestyle, enjoying hiking, skiing, and running. I started road-race and track competitions in my 60s, completed my only marathon (Boston) at age 67, and competed in many state senior games, as well as the Senior Olympics. Now, in my later 80s, regular aquatic exercise is helping me maintain strength and fitness. I wear a wet vest to keep buoyant. Chin-ups and stretching on a water workout station help to improve my upper body strength and flexibility. I exercise with bar bells in the vertical position, and I can do more in the water than I can on land for my abdominal strength and muscle balance. Deep water running is an important part of my fitness program; this full-body workout helps maintain my flexibility and stamina without the trauma on my knees as with running on land.

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Last reviewed: August 2006