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Name: 2009 Huntsman World Senior Games Women's Volleyball Team
Age: 74-80
Location: Delaware and Michigan
Activity: Volleyball and other sports

538 total years! Seven players with their coach, ranging in age from 74 to 80, residing in Delaware and southeast Michigan, played volleyball at the 2009 Huntsman World Senior Games. These women have been active their entire lives. Since age 50, they have competed in various sports including track and field, basketball, softball, volleyball, bowling, badminton, pickle ball, swimming, diving, and table tennis. They have participated and won many medals in the Michigan and Delaware Senior Olympics, National Senior Olympic Games, and Huntsman World Senior Games.

Only two of the eight women have had any major medical problems. Of course, they experience the normal aches, pains, sprains, etc. but all are in good health and continue to participate in sports at a high level, from four to six days a week. And just try to guess any of their ages!

Players (left to right in photo): Dee Marquis, Monica Doig, JoAnn Hathorne, Evie Langlands, Arline Brown, Rosie Haduch, Marion Lisehora. Coach: Vanita Sink.

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Last reviewed: June 2010