An Exercise Story

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Name: Bob
Age: 78
Location: Montana
Activity: Walking, Aerobics

Both my wife and I have heart problems. We were introduced to our exercise program at the local health club about two years ago. This has enabled us to keep in shape by using different aerobic and strengthening equipment. We are able to have our heart rate monitored by the attending health care providers, who check blood pressure and oxygen. We continue on the off days to walk along a lake and work in the woods near our cabinBy walking everyday for two or more miles, it keeps us in very excellent condition. When we have our annual checkup, our doctor is amazed at what he sees. My wife, 74, has had three open-heart valve operations, and I, 78, have had a triple bypass surgery. We continue to advocate the importance of exercising toeveryone with heart challenges. It has been life-saving for us.

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Last reviewed: August 2005