An Exercise Story

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Name: Sam
Age: 84
Location: New York
Activity: Strength Training

In 1960 I weighed 320 pounds. A friend put me in touch with a former bodybuilder who owned a gym. He showed me how to lift weights and taught me about body conditioning. I've been exercising ever since. Today, at age 84, I get up everyday and do resistance exercises for ten to fifteen minutes. I lift 10, 15, and 20 pound weights, and I also do what I call 'leg ups' to strengthen my midriff. Lying flat on my back, I pull one leg up to my chest, release it, and then repeat with the other leg. Then I do both legs together. I also do a lot of stretching. At night, I do the same routine for about 15 minutes. I'm a drummer by profession, and I do about four gigs a month. Exercise keeps my muscles strong and lets me do my drumming.

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Last reviewed: December 2004