An Exercise Story

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Name: Marina
Age: 65
Location: Texas
Activity: Walking, Aerobics

I am 65 years old and I have been doing dance aerobics for 28 years now. I feel great and I have enjoyed every minute of my exercise routine. Dance aerobics is exercise that anyone can do at any fitness level by modifying the routines to be either high or low impact. The routines in my dance aerobics class include a warm-up, aerobic routines, free weights, some kick-boxing, and a cool down. Exercise has helped to keep me energetic, toned my muscles, and I feel it even makes my skin appear young and healthy. I try to devote at least one hour a day to exercise. I watch my diet, too. I only eat fish and chicken, avoid red meat in my diet, and eat lots of vegetables. Wearing the right type of fitness shoe and comfortable exercise clothing helps to keep me exercising in comfort after 28 years.

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Last reviewed: December 2004