An Exercise Story

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Name: Robert
Age: 78
Location: Washington
Activity: Ice Hockey

When I first considered joining a senior fitness program, I thought it wouldn't be of much benefit, since I was already in excellent physical shape. Much to my surprise, I was most definitely challenged by the program, and as a result have become not only stronger but also improved my balance and my flexibility. I attend this class two times a week and do in-line skating as weather permits. I also participate in a 35 and older hockey league on Mondays, 50+ hockey league on Thursdays, and on Friday I play with a group ranging in age from 16 to 78. The group includes my grandson and my son. These are all non-checking leagues, but there are still many collisions and knockdowns. So, keeping fit is essential for keeping up and enjoying the competitive sports like ice hockey.

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Last reviewed: September 2005