Talking with Your Doctor

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What information should I bring with me to the doctor visit?
  2. What should I include in my visit plan that I prepare before going to the doctor?
  3. Why is it important to communicate well with my doctor?
  4. What can I do to make the best use of my time with my doctor?
  5. What should I include when I describe a symptom to my doctor?
  6. What should I do if I do not understand something my doctor says?
  7. What types of medications does my doctor need to know that I am taking?
  8. What kind of habits should I tell my doctor about?
  9. Should I mention any assistive devices I may be using?
  10. What kind of life changes should I tell my doctor about?
  11. Besides my health problems, what are some other topics that I may want to talk to my doctor about?
  12. As I age, are there things I can do to improve my health and prevent disease?
  13. How can I remember what my doctor says during a visit?
  14. What is the benefit of bringing a family member or friend to my doctor visit?
  15. If, after my doctor visit, I have questions about medications prescribed for me, is there someone I can talk to besides my doctor?
  16. Why might a doctor want to do a medical test?
  17. What questions should I ask before having a medical test?
  18. What questions should I ask my doctor once I am given a diagnosis?
  19. What should I consider before I make a decision about a medical treatment?
  20. Why might I want to get a second opinion before deciding to have surgery?
  21. If I have to have surgery, what questions should I ask the surgeon?
  22. How might an appointment with a specialist be different from a visit with my regular doctor?
  23. If I'm hospitalized, what should I bring with me?
  24. If I'm hospitalized, what questions should I ask the hospital staff?
  25. What health information should I bring with me on a visit to the emergency room?
  26. What questions should I ask the emergency room staff?
  27. How can I let my doctor, family members, and friends know my decisions about my care should I become very ill?

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