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Transcript: "Introducing the Toolkit"

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Female Instructor: The toolkit lesson was very easy to teach. It was very easy to follow. I did not have any problems.

Male Instructor 1: I felt that the response of the students was relatively amazing.

Announcer: These computer instructors have discovered an exciting new resource for trainers from the National Institute on Aging -- an Internet training program they can use to help older adults find answers to their health questions. It's a free, downloadable Toolkit for Trainers that lets you accomplish two valuable goals -- introduce older adults to high-quality online health information --

Female Instructor: Health topics, drugs and supplements, the medical encyclopedia --

Announcer: -- and help them build Internet skills at the same time.

Male Instructor 2: We can enlarge the image by clicking on the center of the image.

Announcer: The toolkit comes with a set of teaching materials that will work with beginning and intermediate students of the web, including easy-to-use lesson plans, student handouts, web searching exercises, illustrated glossaries and screen shots of web pages visited in class. The toolkit is a one-stop shop for trainers.

Female Instructor: Anyone who's able to download this lesson and can sit and review it has everything they need to teach the lesson.

Announcer: In toolkit classes students are introduced to health information from the world's largest and most authoritative biomedical research institution -- the National Institutes of Health.

Male Instructor 1: I'm really impressed with the websites themselves, both and MedlinePlus is that when people first discover it, it's like, wow, I wish I had known about this before.

Announcer: Learning about NIH websites like MedlinePlus and NIHSeniorHealth gives older adults a place to go when they want online health information that's reliable.

Male Student: If anyone is considering taking a computer class this would be an exceptionally good one to take because health is an issue that we all have to deal with daily.

Announcer: These toolkit classes can give older adults the web skills they need and the health information they seek.

Female Student 1: I learned how to navigate and how to search.

Announcer: When you download the toolkit you get comprehensive lesson plans with easy-to-read layouts. Each lesson plan has a set-up activities that prepare students to learn -- core activities that show them how and where to find health information, practice activities that let them navigate through the information and plenty of reinforcement activities to make sure they grasp and recall what was taught.

Female Instructor: The lesson plan looks very attractive -- especially the icons on the sides of the pages. They help the instructor so that they know whether this is something you need to point out on the overhead, it's a handout you're giving the student, so those icons were a big help.

Announcer: Trainers can also download and make copies of student handouts, containing definitions of Internet terms and practice exercises, as well as screen shots that provide a handy reference for at-home review.

Female Instructor: If you need a handout it's there for you.

Announcer: There are also teaching tips to help you make your computer classroom senior friendly and increase understanding about the special learning needs of the older student.

Male Student: I wish more computer instructors would be aware of the special needs of us seniors. And even though they've told us something, maybe several times before, unfortunately, short-term memory is such a common affliction that we often forget.

Announcer: This toolkit makes it easy for you to adapt your teaching to the older student by providing lessons that proceed slowly in a step-by-step fashion with plenty of hands-on practice and follow-up activities. This senior-friendly approach is one that students appreciate.

Female Student 2: I like the ease in the way the class was presented. It was taken very slowly, not too fast, but enough for anyone to catch on to how to go about finding information on the sites.

Announcer: Tested with older students for effectiveness, the toolkit can be used in libraries, senior centers, community colleges and retirement communities. It's a training program that gets results.

Male Instructor 2: Taking a class like this can help seniors take a more active role in their health.

Female Student 2: To other students considering taking this class I would say definitely take it, it's worth it.

Announcer: So download the National Institute on Aging's free Toolkit for Trainers. It is for anyone who works with older adults and wants to help them find accurate, up-to-date online health information on their own.

Female Instructor: So if you're going to teach a senior class, this is the place to go.

Announcer: Download the free Toolkit for Trainers at

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